I was chatting with Fr. Peter this morning and he casually mentioned how they “caught Whitey”.  WHOA!  I had no clue – I don’t watch tv and had not been online last night or in the morning – that the FBI had grabbed Whitey Bulger yesterday.  To give you an idea of how long he has been a fugitive – I was a senior in college, so we are talking 16 years.  The wiki article has a nice section on his fugitive years.  At one point the FBI even thought he might be in Uruguay like a Nazi fugitive!

I have to say that the first thing that entered my mind, after the initial feeling of surprise and delight, was “I wonder if he will give up the location or the story of the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum stolen art???”.   Wouldn’t that be something?  Of course, this is assuming he was involved.  I recently read (on the NookColor) a very exciting mystery novel about the theft called Among Thieves by David Hosp.  Bulger is a big character in this book and his portrayal, I imagine, is pretty close to real life.  One detail that sticks out is he wanted to be called Jimmy rather than Whitey (and he seemed to get what he wanted).  The book has him, the IRA, and a bunch of others connected to the theft.  I then read a non-fiction account of the theft called The Gardner Heist – although it is non-fiction it too is a page-turner.  I highly recommend both of these books, and if you do read both I suggest you read them in the same order I did – fiction first followed by non-fiction.  The second book only mentions Bulger once, but of course until the crime is solved we will not know all of the details (and even then we may never get the whole story).

We all have a set of events where we remember exactly where we were when we heard about them.  I don’t know if today will make the grade, but it is indeed huge news and very good news – Bulger was/is by all accounts a horrible man.  As for the events in my lifetime where the memory of finding out is indelibly stamped upon me, they include President Reagan being shot, the Challenger explosion, Magic Johnson announcing he was HIV+, Kurt Cobain’s suicide, and 911.  Maybe the Osama Bin Laden capture will also join the ranks – we will see.