I received a voicemail today from the Marlborough police informing me that our church had been vandalized – someone had spray-painted something on the front.  I met our PC president Jim in front of the church to check things out; someone had painted an upside-down cross with three sixes around it – see the picture below.  We did what we needed to do – took pictures, called the insurance company, and so on.  Some thoughts:

-I have no idea who did this.  I imagine it is just an angry person rather than a church-hater or Satanist (in the same vein that people who paint swastikas on gravestones probably aren’t actual National Socialists.)  As one astute commenter on Facebook put it, he may be unwittingly doing the devil’s work and targeting a church that is developing and doing the work of the gospel.  That is a humbling description of our church and we need to continue to work hard at this ideal.

-Several people pointed out to me that the paint was blue and could this be some kind of anti-Greek thing?  I doubt it is specifically an anti-ethnic vendetta since the person chose explicitly Christian rather than Greek symbols.

-The vandal unwittingly sprayed St. Peter’s Cross.

-I posted about this on Facebook and was overwhelmed by all the comments of support.

-Many thanks to the Marlborough Police Department for being on top of this and for all that they do.  We will see if the person gets caught.  If he is, I will be the first to invite him to our church to see what we are all about.

-Vasili R. bought some graffito remover and went to work, so even if the local paper picks up the story off the wire you won’t see a photo of the priest looking sad next to the graffito.  We are _not_ victims – that is not part of our identity – and this sort of thing only makes us stronger and more determined Christians.

Here it is:

And here it is after Vasili cleaned it up.  We will be painting or doing something to the stucco to make it look better but this will do for now: