Today was a typically wild and wonderful September day at the Cathedral.   The Tuesday/Thursday preschool sessions started, and so Vaia had her first day of school.  By all accounts it was a success, and Prez and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Vaia had no first-day jitters, either – she pretty much dismissed us as soon as she entered the classroom and got down to business, and she is looking forward to Thursday.  The seniors took a bus trip to Foxwoods for a fun day.  There weren’t any big winners but all enjoyed lunch, shows, shopping and some light slot machine action.  The younger kids started Greek School today (older kids go on Monday and Wednesday) and construction continued apace.  George K. started putting in the bathroom tiles today – they are going to look fabulous.  There were some hospital visits and other runnings-around as well.  Finally, I met with our new GOYA officers and we plotted out the next three months in GOYA activities.  Pictures:

Some wood that will soon be going up – Ray, the construction manager, said there is way more on the way:

Two sides of the stage in the Church Hall (what we are now calling the area below the Cathedral) – most of it is now a Greek School/Sunday School classroom, while a small part behind the curtain allows for the altar boys to cut the prosphora, etc.

Another view of the foyer area: