The other day I visited old friend Bill K. at Olympic Wine & Spirits on Grafton St. in Worcester.  This place used to be called Renaissance Wine & Spirits before Bill and his family bought it.  I went there once some years ago to buy a bottle of wine and was startled to hear someone say “I can’t believe there is a (expletive deleted) priest in a liquor store”.  Good grief.  So, it was nice to go there and see a friendly face.  In talking with Bill I remembered a story from The Sporting News or SI back in the day.  The International Olympic Committee was going after a diner in New York that used the name Olympic and the logo of the five interlocked rings.  The IOC was going after this place – no doubt Greek-owned – for using the logo and theoretically profiting off of it.  This was likely in the pre-internet era, and I can’t find any reference to it.  Bill has a good grasp of the law on this one – you can use the rings as long as they are not in the same order and position as the famous Olympics version.  Check out the website that I linked to above – the rings emerge as bubbles from a martini glass that stands in for the y in the word Olympic.  Great job Bill!