Lots of stuff happening this Sunday at the Cathedral, as usual.  Here is a quick checklist:

-Most importantly, it is All Saints Day.  The Eastern churches celebrate this on the Sunday after Pentecost and the Western churches celebrate on Nov. 1 (I went to Catholic schools and we always had this day off – nice!).

-Fr. Andrew Damick, a good friend as well as koumbaros, will be joining us along with his family.  After service he will do a book-signing of his latest book, the excellent Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy.  This is, I believe, Fr. Andrew’s fourth time serving at the Cathedral, so he is certainly no stranger.

-As always on Fathers Day we will honor high school and college graduates.  It is also Sunday School graduation.

-Summer hours officially start – orthros at 8:15, liturgy at 9:30.

-GOYA will be selling 3 liter tins of Agros olive oil after church.   This stuff is incredible – first cold press olive oil from Greece.  It is of the highest quality and, at $23 a tin, cheaper and better than what you would get at the grocery store.