Prez and Jody A. have recently spearheaded a project to have ornaments of the Cathedral made to be sold as a Philoptochos fundraiser.  (At our recent Parish Council Prep. Seminar Fr. Bob Archon made the remark that Protestant churches don’t have fundraisers because they don’t need them – very interesting from a stewardship perspective) If you were at church Sunday you probably saw the table where reservations were being taken (in the same room as the Daughters bake sale and the Sunday School Giving Tree to benefit disadvantaged students, and right next to the room where elections were taking place and coffee hour – it was that kind of Sunday).  Over 1/4 of the first run of 200 ornaments has been reserved, so be sure to get yours this Sunday before they are all sold out.  It is a great keepsake and makes a great gift, and the proceeds benefit the various philanthropic endeavors of the Philoptochos.  Both of our original home parishes – Nashua and Lawrence/Andover – have ornaments made in this fashion, and it is nice that the Cathedral one as well.  Each comes in a cool folder with a certificate: