I owe that fun subject title to Fr. Peck – he coined that for today’s blogging assignment.  His post has some cool facts about chickens – please check it out there.  As he points out at the very bottom, chickens and other birds had some interesting ancestors – dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Some years ago Douglas Preston wrote a wild page-turner called Tyrannosaur Canyon.  The book is an adventure story set in the modern-day Southwest of the United States, but the main story is interrupted at several points with narrative about a female T-Rex back in the day.  There are speculative but scientifically up-to-date descriptions of her feeding and mating and ultimately her demise along with the rest of the dinosaurs.  There is a rather terrifying scene where two male (and therefore smaller) T-Rexs fight over who gets to mate with her.  Her instinct would normally be to devour both of them but the drive to breed just barely wins out over the instinct to kill and eat every living thing she encounters.  A great read, as are all of Preston’s books, both solo and written with Lincoln Child.