I generally do not comment on the affairs of other churches, but once again I feel it is necessary to post some information on the church in Lynn and the current situation.  After an article in a certain Greek-American, Greek language newspaper was printed there has been much mis- and disinformation being bandied about concerning the Lynn parish and the Archdiocese assessment.  Our Metropolitan has addressed these concerns (I linked to his thoughts on the matter in a previous post) and now the parish has seen fit to respond with a letter which includes some remarks that insult and attack His Eminence, and by extension all of us.  It is on the church website – I am not linking to it but you can find it easily with a search.  Recently, the Archdiocese has responded through Archbishop Demetrios himself as well as the through the Archdiocesan Finance Committee – check it out here.  As always, when people approach you with rumors/hearsay/whatever about what is  going on, please refer them to these writings on the subject from the Metropolitan as well as the Archdiocese to get the real story.