Our assignment today is to talk about soil.  When we think of our faith or of scripture we naturally think of the parable of the sower, where we can identify either with the sower – we need to take care where we plant – as well as the soil – are we receptive to the Word?  I thought I would talk about our garden here at the house, because through it I have frequent and direct contact with the soil, which helps me appreciate the parable.

Normally I fall off in blogging and the planting of my garden – most of it goes in the ground the week before Memorial Day – inspires me to start writing again.  This past year I didn’t blog for months on end – my watch and heart just weren’t in it.  But I am back, and even though it is early December the garden is still in action!  This year I planted kale and swiss chard for the first time, and wouldn’t you know that these crops continue growing into the cold weather.  You can harvest leaves from them throughout the summer and fall and they keep growing.  In my main gardening book the author talks about one of the best kale crops she ever harvested came after wiping snow off the leaves and cutting them. When it snowed the other day I deliberately went out, shook off the snow, and cut some kale to saute and eat with my meal.  It is so cool to still be harvesting things from outside in December.