The Wednesday before Memorial Day I planted our garden (you can see how behind I am in blogging, since it is almost mid-June) and things are going well.  I still need to get more herbs but for now here is what I have:

-Pickling cucumbers – this is usually a high-yield crop.

-Cayenne, habanero and bell peppers.  The cayennes are usually high yield well into the fall.  This is my first year growing habaneros.

-Buttercrunch lettuce and escarole.  The lettuce grows like crazy and I will probably plant and reap several harvests – they have a quick turn-around time.

-Tomato plants with basil planted in between to keep pests away.


-Spinach and kale.

-Rosemary, parsley, thyme and Greek oregano.

-Strawberries.  Last year our plant grew all over the ground on the side of the house but with no yield.  I cut the branches off and took the pot indoors for the winter.  All of the branches took in the ground and we have been getting strawberries every day.

-The usual blueberry bushes and apple tree.  I didn’t plant musk melons this year – the experiment is over, and was a disaster.

-Some mystery plants.  I thought they were chives, which seem to just pop up here and there.  But they got huge and are getting ready to flower.  What are they?  Decorative onions?  Mutant garlic?  We will see.

That is it for now.  I will update with pictures when the rain stops.