If you have driven by St. Spyridon lately you will probably have noticed that work is being done on the front doors of the church.  These doors were donated when the Cathedral opened back in the day but were not always maintained properly.  They are absolutely beautiful but pretty weathered – they are exposed to rain and the sun hits them all day long.  When I turn from the altar to give a blessing I can actually see the cars driving by on Russell Street because the cracks in the center doors let in so much light.  The “Cocoanut Grove” doors on the side have been refinished, and the the two center doors await.  Here are some pictures that show you the contrast:

This is the left side door and the left center door.  The shadow is me, the photographer:

Here are details from the doors showing both the beauty of the wood work as well as the contrast in finish:

Thanks especially to George Economou, who has taken the initiative in making this happen, and the rest of the House Committee.