Yesterday was the eve of the feast of St. Nicholas and that can mean only one thing in my universe – vespers in Clinton with two of my mentors and favorite people – Fr. Soterios Alexopoulos, Pastor Emeritus of both Nashua and Clinton, and Fr. Gregory Houlakis, a  hieromonk and archimandrite who splits his time between Pawtucket and Crete.  Fr. Gregory and I are in some ways the bookends of the Metropolis clergy – we are pretty much the youngest and the oldest priests and we are the only two named Gregory.  As always we had a wonderful time.  One of the many nice things about being at Sts. Anargyroi is that we are about 12 miles from the Clinton parish – hopefully we will have frequent opportunities for inter-parish ministry.  The picture below is from the reception after vespers – it was taken in the church basement but almost looks like it was taken on a porch in Greece.  I wish! 🙂