Tomorrow is the feast of St. Andrew, the patron saint of our Metropolis (and of course the Ecumenical Patriarchate) and we are having our monthly clergy gathering after liturgy at the Metropolis.  These monthly gatherings usually have, in addition to routine meeting stuff, a continuing education aspect, often with a guest speaker or some kind of workshop.  Tomorrow three priests will speak on the subject of the absent parishioner.  One of the three will be me, as I discovered today – I was asked to fill in for someone who had to cancel.  So I will be doing a brief presentation on “searching out the absent parishioner”.  I spent time during tonight’s general assembly planning what I was going to say.  A priest once told us “always be prepared to speak in any situation” and so by habit when I know I am going to an event, I always spend a minute or two coming up with an outline of what I might say, and in this case it paid off – I didn’t have to spend too much time planning since I already had an idea of what I would say on the topic.  I will post more tomorrow on how things went, what we talked about, my remarks, etc.