We had a long, busy and fun Sunday today at the Cathedral, with, in addition to the usual orthros and liturgy, the procession for the Elevation of the Cross as well as the traditional March 25 doxology with the Greek School students.  There were also several mercy meals, a surprise 50th birthday party, and later in the afternoon the Greek School’s Annunciation/Greek Independence Day program.

We had 5 priests in the altar along with 16 altar boys and 2 seminarians, so things were rather crowded.  We ran out of daffodils to give out but fortunately were able to cannibalize the altar flowers and some lucky people at the end of the line received white roses.  Fr. Dean also acknowledged several guests.  Fr. Chris, whom Fr. Dean presented with a cross as we sang “Axios”, is the model for the hockey-loving priest in the movie Do You Wanna Dance, a classic movie about Greek-Americans.  We also honored Gordon Dick, the owner of P A Cleaners on Millbrook St. in Worcester.  Gordon, a devout Catholic, does not charge to clean vestments and church items like altar cloths.  He does the same for police and fire uniforms.  He has saved the Cathedral thousands through the years through this stewardship.  I do not usually endorse businesses here on the blog, but if you have dry cleaning to be done please consider patronizing this business.  Gordon doesn’t do this for us to drum up business nor does he seek recognition, but we are thankful to him – he has a business to run yet does this for our Cathedral and Worcester community.  On a bittersweet note, we also said goodbye to Mike Klezaras today on his last Sunday in Worcester.  Mike’s time here was relatively brief, but he had a positive effect on all of us, and we are blessed to have known him and Kathy.  We will miss them.

The Greek School program was great – many thanks to the students and parents as well as the PTA.  Rubina and the two Elenis did their usual stellar job – people have no idea how much hard work goes into preparing the students and putting on this event.  Rubina’s remarks on the significance of Greek Independence Day were particularly striking – it is indeed an event which we should always commemorate.