A few important things to note about tomorrow (Sunday) for Cathedral members:

-Turn your clocks ahead tonight!  You don’t want to be the person coming to church at 11 thinking it is 10.

-Tomorrow there is a road race and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Worcester, so Park Ave. will largely be shut down.  Please plan your route to church appropriately.

-Parking may well be an issue.  Although we have around 200 spaces, this is not nearly enough on a typical Sunday.  There will be little-to-no street parking.  We are also concerned that people coming to the race may park in the church lots.  Normally we love to help out for these events but we need the spaces on Sundays.  There will be pangari team members patrolling to make sure only Cathedral-bound people park in the lots.  I imagine someone coming to the race is more likely to park in the auxiliary lot than the one behind the church (I can’t imagine doing this – I would be terrified that my car would be towed).  So I am encouraging people to park in the Cedar St. lot first, rather than the church lot – let’s fill it up early so we eliminate chances of others parking there.  Of course, if you are infirm or are bringing elderly people then park behind the church.  I hope this all makes sense.  I am looking forward to church as well as the parade.

And many thanks to old friend and fellow UVA alum Nia for adding some literary flair to the blog.  We were all out after church on Friday and there was a chance I would not be able to get home and post by midnight (remember, I am committed to posting every day during Lent).  Nia painstakingly blogged her story from an iPhone – no mean feat.