What a wonderful night!  I just came home from the festal vespers for the feast of Saint Spyridon, the patron saint of our Cathedral.  We had a busy day at the church – I will post pictures and blog about it tomorrow.  His Eminence traditionally comes to this service as well as Agape Sunday, and we welcomed him this evening.  We gave him a quick tour of the new and refurbished areas of the campus, and then we had the service.  There was a choir from the seminary who augmented His Eminence’s chanting as well as that of our chanters.  The Metropolitan preached in both Greek and English, and then we had a nice reception in the Founders Court.  The Philoptochos ladies as usual outdid themselves.  Tomorrow we have the usual Sunday liturgy but of course it is extra-special because it is the feast of the Cathedral.  Fr. Ephraim will be joining us so we may have as many as five priests serving, which will be awesome.
That is about all I have in me tonight.  Check out the Orthodoxwiki article here about St. Spyridon – it is always good to refresh our knowledge of his story on this day – and pay special attention to the picture of the relics which was taken by my koumbaros Fr. Andrew at our Cathedral several years ago.