Today’s assignment in the 40 days of blogging exercise includes a very cool gallery of icons at Fr. Peck’s site.  The association of St. Nicholas with the sea or sailors is at first a little confusing – kind of like how Poseidon is the god of the sea and also of horses  in Greek mythology – the two just don’t seem to go together.  I certainly don’t think of mariners when I think of Nicholas, but there are several legends attached to him where he rescued or took care of sailors and ships.  Nicholas in a way represents the redemption of Jonah.  The term Jonah in sailing is used for someone who is seen to have brought bad luck to a ship (there is a nice passage in Dracula where the captain of a ship thinks there may be a Jonah on board causing problems.  Dracula indeed made a pretty effective Jonah).  St. Nicholas is a nice counterpoint to the Jonah factor.