Today is the feast of St. Modestus, and on this day, or around it, some churches do a blessing of the animals.  I really want to do this at the Cathedral, but it will have to be sometime other than the feast day – it is just too cold this time of year.  Here is the prayer associated with St. Modestus and the blessing of animals:

O Lord Jesus Christ our God, You are compassionate and all-good, You
fashioned in wisdom both the invisible and the visible creation; You pour
your mercies upon everything that has been made; You, in Your loving
kindness, provide for all of Your creation; hear now my prayer and bless these
beautiful animals, keeping them safe from harm. Yes, Lord, look down from
Your holy dwelling place and as you blessed the flocks of Abraham, Isaac, and
Jacob, bless also this animal (Recite Name of Animal). Grant them health,
strength, and happiness, so that their owners, having received so many
blessings from their animals, may also go out and be a blessing to others and
glorify You always