Our assignment in the exercise today is St. Andrew, who is a natural topic for any priest of the Metropolis of Boston – he is the patron saint of the Metropolis.  Our clergy brotherhood group is named after him.  I have blogged on this before, but I have recently gained a new perspective.  We have monthly clergy meetings that usually feature a guest speaker in addition to our monthly business.  The meetings function in many ways as continuing education seminars with the addition of the social aspect of us seeing each other.  A friend from another Metropolis where everyone is far flung told me to cherish every moment with the other guys.  In his area, they see each other once a year and are so excited to talk amongst themselves that they spend the first three hours of their annual gathering catching up and talking, and then they get down to business.  Geographically, we are blessed – no one is more than a few hours away from the Metropolis center and at most 3-4 hours away from each other.

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