Today was spanakopita and tiropita making day at the Cathedral in preparation for the festival.  A number of Philoptochos ladies, ably helped by some of the men, convened at 9am to begin the process.  I remember in the seminary a priest came to speak to us and he started out by saying something like “we (our archdiocese) are great at making baklava but not at spreading the word of God”.  I was so mad when I heard him say this; I know what he meant, and I get it, but he didn’t understand that we do these things because we love the church.  In any case, feeding the people is surely acting in the image of Christ!  Our volunteers will do anything for the church and are tireless.  And our Grecian Festival is a wonderful outreach to the greater Worcester community.  Back to pita…The group made around 120 pans of spanakopita and 60 of tiropita.  Here are some highlights:

Mrs. Singas works on the feta

Mrs. Stefanakos and Rubina’s mom brush the phylo

Hard at work in the kitchen

The final product

After all of the hard work, the ladies and some of the men came back this evening to pack up the sheets, after they had cooled off, and put them into the walk-in freezer.