I just went down to the cellar to retrieve a book.  As soon as I hit the stairs I could smell a skunk.  Was there a skunk in the basement?  All was quiet.  I descended the stairs with hysterical thoughts of reaching for the book and having a skunk jump on my head.  Years ago at the law firm our supply closet was ravaged and there was a hole in the ceiling.  We patched the hole and the next day found the closet a mess again.  It turned out there was a possum to blame.  So when we were patching the hole the possum was probably hiding in the closet very close to us.   This too was running through my mind.  So…I grabbed the book and came upstairs without incident.  I opened the front door, smelled the strong scent of skunk and realized that the critter had probably made his statement outside.  It just goes to show how powerful the scent of a skunk is, since it seeped into the basement, and how powerful suggestion can be.