Today is a blogger’s choice day in the 40 Days of Blogging exercise, so I thought I would post the set list from my jam session tonight with Brian and Dave.  This is Orthodoxy-related; we were rehearsing for the next Orthodoxy On Tap, where we will play in the background during the social part of the evening before and after the speaker.

We are going to play an acoustic set (with my bass lightly amplified).  I figured we would just work out versions of songs we play with Liquid Fuel but we actually took on some new ones.  Here goes:

Elderly Lady Behind The Counter…

Redemption Song

Mr. Bright Side

House Of The Rising Sun

Have You Ever Seen The Rain



Queen Jane Approximately

Feeling Alright?

Sweet Jane

Jam in B Dorian

Expect to hear these and maybe a few others at the next Orthodoxy On Tap.