This past Monday – the feast of the Annunciation and, not coincidentally, Greek Independence Day, we had liturgy at the church followed by Senior Lunch, back from its winter hiatus.  The Annunciation is the only time during Lent where we celebrate the Liturgy of John Chrysostom, our usual Sunday service, on a weekday – otherwise we do the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts as we did tonight.  This is due to the importance of the feast – you can read more about this topic in my article from the March Sofia (our monthly ‘zine) on the website.  Senior Lunch, which is always piggybacked on a bible study or a weekday liturgy for convenience of attendees as well as to increase attendance at both events, is a fun monthly event where our senior parishioners (and we have a wide definition of “senior” – in reality all are welcome) venture out with me for a modest lunch and good fellowship.  Since Monday was a day where the Lenten fast is relaxed, we went down the street to Fish, which was the site of our first Senior Lunch last April on proprietor George’s name day.  Last year we sang songs like O Georgios O Poniros in honor of his feast, and this year we did much the same, with several hearty rounds of patriotic songs in honor of Greek Independence Day.  The other customers appreciated our enthusiasm – God bless them!