Below is another, more literal translation from the original Greek of the previous document regarding marriage outside the church.  Many thanks to Paul Badavas, who previously translated the original Sts. Anargyroi church charter that is on the history page of the parish website, and Nicholas Paschalides, our Greek School director and assistant chanter.  Both submitted translations of the document at my request (my hyper-katharevousa is poor) in a speedy and thorough fashion (should I have said in an alacritous fashion to use just one adjective? : ).



NEW YORK 21, N. Y.

DECEMBER 22, 1950


In correspondence to the most Pious Supreme Priests and the Honourable Governing Councils of the Orthodox Greek communities under the jurisdiction of the Holy Archdiocese of America both North and South.


During our travels to the American Orthodox Greek communities as well as our frequent letter correspondence with the Holy Archdiocese, we realized that exist a great number (of genetic) Greeks who have already married in other Churches, non-Orthodox, a fact that greatly impedes/embarrasses such Greeks and their relationships with the communities they reside in.

The Holy Archdiocese regards with great empathy the circumstance of these Orthodox brethren and affectionately wishes to facilitate and extract those from the predicament that are found in.

Such as, led by this empathy and concern, knowing full well with extreme ecclesiastic leniency and consent to help those, we order that the weddings that took place in non-Orthodox churches up until the end of the year 1940 to be recognised, and those concerned, to be able to have and to exercise freely all community privileges and responsibilities, as the rest (of the genetically-alike) Greeks.


However, for those who got married only under the civil authorities, the above reconciliation is not valid.   The civil wedding ceremony alone is not enough for the Orthodox Church.  Those under such union cannot have any community and religious privileges, unless they bless their marriage in an Orthodox Church. For this reason we comment the Curators of our Communities, to approach them with affection and convince them, that it is easy to rectify their situation by making their wedding holy (blessed).

In addition, we wish wholeheartedly that you encounter the joyful days of the Dodekaemeron (12-day-period) in health under the Lord’s ever-blessing, as for the New Year may be for you always happy and blessed by God.

With much love in Christ

Fervent blessings of the Lord

The Archbishop

Of America Michael


The Seal of the Greek Archdiocese

Of North and South America