I received a friend request from a non-person today on Facebook – not an everyday occurrence.  It is a company based in Romania and it makes vestments – check it out here.  Music comes up when you go to the page, which is how I noticed my computer was not on mute.  Fr. Dean and I each have a set of Romanian vestments from a monastery in Romania (and not from this particular company) that specializes in making certain kinds of vestments.  They were a gift from Andreea, who graduated from WPI last year and wanted to thank us (the Cathedral community) for making her feel at home while she was away from Romania at school.  The vestments are the red set that we have worn a couple of times recently and received many compliments on.  The phelonion (the “cape” or top part of the vestments) is cut almost like a poncho and is a distinguishing feature compared to Greek or Russian vestments.

You won’t be seeing them this Sunday – I have to have a clasp mended on the phelonion.  And my usual set – the white with gold and maroon trim Metropolis set – is at the dry cleaners.  So I will have to go with either my old set – an old set given to me by a mentor priest to wear when I got ordained – or one of Fr. Dean’s.  It is not often that priests have “whatever should I wear?” moments (basic black, grey, blue or…basic black?) in every day dress, but it is looking like I will have one Sunday morning with my liturgical garb :).