Harmon Killebrew just passed away only days after announcing he was entering hospice care – this article is a good read except for Bud Selig’s involvement.  A few thoughts on the passing of this great player and great guy…

-I find it amazing that even after the steroid era and everything else that has come to pass in baseball, Killebrew still ranks 11th on the all-time home run list.

-When I was a baseball-obsessed child I spent hours a day poring through the baseball encyclopedia, and I was always fascinated that Killebrew had so many great years with the Twins and finished up by playing a year with the KC Royals.  Photos of him with that team are even rarer than Reggie with the Orioles pictures.  Here is one of two I found online.

-I always got a kick out of people from outside of New England at the seminary who jumped on the Sox bandwagon when “we” won the World Series in 2004.  They had no idea how twisted life was as a Red Sox fan in the decades before.  My house growing up was no different.  My mother was a big Carl Yastrzemski fan while my father, though a Sox fan, couldn’t stand Yaz (I remember asking him in 1979 why Yaz had a helmet with bigger holes in the earflap than other players and he said “so he could hear the boos better).  You can argue whether he had one good season or whether he had just tremendous career numbers (or whether he hung on five years too long, etcetera) but he did win the Triple Crown in 1967 and remains the last person to do that.  However, as my dad would argue, that ’67 Triple Crown is tainted because he did not win the home run title outright – he tied for the lead with…the late Harmon Killebrew.  RIP, Killer.