Fr. George’s last name is indelibly associated with Holy Week for most Greek Orthodox in America.  His compilation and translation of most of the Holy Week services into one compact volume revolutionized the way we understood the services and made it possible for everyone to follow along.  I called Patmos Press a few years ago to order some books and was pleasantly surprised to be chatting directly with Fr. George himself.  Besides the Holy Week book, Fr. is remembered for a lifetime of accomplishment and service to the Church and the Lord.  I had no idea, for example, that he published a complete set of Sunday School books for grades k-12 when his church’s Sunday School reached 1200 students/125 teachers! Check out his lengthy c.v. here.  May his memory be eternal.

I had originally thought of reproducing the whole list of accomplishments in this space but it is just too long.  I couldn’t resist this one, though:

In cooperation with the late Nicholas Andromidas, who wrote an “Easter Miracle Play”, Fr. George participated in presenting the first Orthodox Easter program on CBS-TV over a national hook-up in 1957. The starring role was played by William Shatner of “Star Trek” fame. This program introduced our Church to Miss Pamela Llott, then Director who would later become VP of Religious Programming of CBS-TV.