Today’s assignment in the blogging exercise – rhythm – makes me want to write about bass playing, but I think Fr. Peck wants us to go more in a church direction for this one.  The Church calendar – not the one we get in the mail in December but the spiritual calendar with feasts and holy days – provides a natural rhythm to church life.  Forty days after Christmas we begin preparing for Lent, and so forth.  Where does the Church calendar have its origins? I would suggest the Gospel of Luke (and you can include the sequel Acts of the Apostles, written by the same author.  If you look at the structure you will see the major holy days of the church accounted for.  Christmas is two weeks from today.  Forty days after that is Christ’s entrance into the Temple – his 40 day blessing, as it were.  After this the focus shifts toward, ultimately, Easter.  Keep track of the calendar throughout the year, and you will pick up on the rhythm.

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