How about some photos of the latest stage in the construction process?  The Founders Court and classroom areas (and my office) are completed, and work has begun on the auditorium itself.  This all started a few weeks ago.  I rolled into the parking lot one day and it looked like the parking lot was being strip-mined!  It turned out to be digging for the “Bump Out”, as we are calling the stairway shell and dedicated space for the Orthodox Food Pantry.  Here is a picture – from the lack of mountains of snow you can tell this is not the most recent picture:

You will have noticed that the seal is in place in the foyer.  There were rumblings about why there was a delay with this, and you know how stories can take on a life of their own.  The original seal was broken in transit and had to be sent back, so in the meantime the space was bare.  George K. – a true artist – came and put in the replacement when we received it:

Here is the last picture ever taken of the floor with the Grecian keys still in place.  The building project is awesome, but there is also a sad aspect – we will miss some of these things, but it is all for the best:

These are photos of the Cotsidas Auditorium abatement.  One of the main thrusts of this stage is, well, pushing back what was the stage area so there is more room.  The theory is that stages are used, in our case, five or ten times a year, so why not have portable stages that can be stored away, freeing up more room?  One irony in all this is that our architect did the Grecian frets design around the stage by hand when he was a 14 year old intern during  the original construction – this is bittersweet for him as well: