Here in the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Boston we have a set of Metropolis vestments (today’s blogging exercise subject) that we wear when we are together for services (see the picture below, from the opening of the Retreat Center at the camp).  Currently we have maroon and gold on white, and before that the Metropolis set was blue on white.  We are in the process of getting a new blue on white set – I have not found any photos online – most of the guys are just now getting their set – and I don’t have mine yet.  Many of us wear the Metropolis even when we are by ourselves – it has come to be the standard for serving (though not required) unless otherwise called for liturgically.  At the moment I am wearing a set from Romania – the cut of the phelonion (the cape-like vestment worn on top) is noticeably different and points to the Romanian tradition.

I have no idea if other Metropoles or other Orthodox presences (our Metropolitan’s preferred term rather than jurisdictions) have a “uniform” but we love it.  We all match and it is rather like a sports uniform in that it aids in a spirit of unity and teamwork.  It is also recognized and respected by the faithful.

UPDATE: I am having trouble uploading a photo of the vestments.  Will keep trying…


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