It is hard to believe that my first month at Sts. Anargyroi has come and gone!  We began the month with the church’s feast day activities which this year included my installation and ended the month with the very successful Festival of Trees.  In between I have gotten to visit with and meet a lot of parishioners and we had four rather enjoyable Sundays as well as a few weekday services, some meetings, and a few other things.

Along with getting to know a new parish comes getting to know a new city.  I have been to Marlborough many times, of course, but it is different now where I am there most every day.  The church is in the heart of the downtown area and I discover something new seemingly every day.  Last night I took a break from hanging out at the Festival of Trees and walked down to the Christmas tree lighting ceremony on the common.  The event was fun and I met a bunch of people, but the highlight for me was seeing John Brown’s bell.  Read the story of it here.  I had no idea about this being in Marlborough!  I was going to joke here that as a Southerner I had thoughts of reclaiming the bell for the homeland but it seems that the bell, like John Brown himself, is a lightning rod of controversy and last year some people indeed tried to take it and bring it to Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia.  In any case, I plan to walk down there another day to read the plaque and take some pictures, but there you go.