…but you may want to read this article before eating turkey tomorrow on Thanksgiving (unless the bird comes from a local organic farm).  It is pretty horrifying stuff.  After reading various books and watching several documentaries I have become a convert to the food movement (or at least I am trying to keep up) so this was not a surprise to me, and in fact the factory farming descriptions apply in one form or another to pretty much any meat or dairy end product that is out there unless it comes from a farm that raises animals humanely (grass-fed, truly free-range, etc.).

There are several theological angles here.  We are stewards of the earth and should treat animals humanely.  We also have a responsibility to eat healthful and healthy foods; if we are ingesting the body and blood of Christ then everything else we put into our bodies better be as pure and natural (all-natural is another label term to be careful with – it doesn’t necessarily mean what we think it does) as possible.