A new Our Faith article will soon be up on the church’s website.  Here is the first paragraph:

I have a fun fact book about the Bible called Why Are There No Cats In The Bible?.  It is a good read and contains many lists and short articles about the Good Book.  But think about it – aren’t there lions in the Bible, as in the story of Daniel in the lions’ den?  Lions appear in several places in scripture, and lions are indeed cats.  In the section of the book called Animals and Birds of the Bible, there is clarification – the author says there are no domestic cats in the Bible and in parenthesis says that the cats mentioned in Baruch 6:22 are thought to be wild cats rather than house ones.  I decided to look up the reference and opened my Bible (only Orthodox and Catholic Bibles have the book of Baruch; Protestant Bibles will not have it unless there is a section for “deuterocanonicals” or “apocrypha”).  I turned to the book of Baruch and was surprised to find that Baruch ends with chapter 5 verse 9.  There was no Baruch 6:22.  What was going on here – where was the missing chapter?

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