It has now been more than a week but, as promised, here is more on our vacation to Maine.  We went on a little “lighthouse cruise” – basically, a boat ride from Perkins Cove to the Nubble Lighthouse  (technically the Cape Neddick Light) and back.  It was a beautiful day for such a thing, and the girls did great on the boat.  As we rounded the lighthouse I noticed seagulls beginning to swarm around the boat.  The guide brought out a loaf of sliced bread and told us this is where we get to feed the gulls.  Vaia had two slices and was tearing them and throwing them.  The gulls were literally right on top of us!  Vaia was hysterically laughing as we urged her to throw faster and further from the boat.   All went well, though, and on the ride back the guide told us that Mt. Agamenticus, a 700ft hill in York, is the tallest point on the coastal plain between Bar Harbor, Maine and Rio de Janeiro.  I immediately thought “I must climb it and stand on the top!”.  So the next morning, our last in Maine, I woke up early, drove 10 minutes or so to the mountain (not a Greek name, although it sounds it, but rather an Indian one) and ended up in the parking lot, which is at the summit.  So I hiked down and then back up – probably 30 minutes total, and a very steep hike, so I began the day with great exercise as well.  It is a very cool place and worth seeking out if you are in the York/Ogunquit area, plus it is a great peak to bag. 

While up there I saw what looked like some ancient steam roller but turned out to be the winch apparatus for the old ski lift back when it was a ski hill:

The other really cool thing is the grave, or more likely memorial, of St. Aspinquid, a local Indian who converted to Christianity.  He is likely a legendary character, but I took a rock and threw it on the memorial with the others while saying a quick prayer: