This past weekend was the yearly Flora In Winter exhibition at the Worcester Art Museum.  Our family has made going to this a tradition, and we were looking forward to the first weekend in February, which is when it usually falls.  I happened to see an article in a local weekly and realized it was this week, so we were able to attend.  A special attraction this year was The Dead Toreador by Manet and which is on exhibit here until the end of March.  With or without Manet, the WAM is a world-class art museum and is an absolute must-see.  At one point during our time there I was standing next to an El Greco and I thought – My God!  I am standing next to an El Greco!!!

The girls enjoyed the day.  Vaia took it all in, while Raphaela, who is just now walking, took advantage of the wide open spaces – by far the biggest vistas she has ever encountered – by running all over the place.  We left a bit early due to the exertions of being parents of young children, but it was truly a wonderful day. Here is Raphaela checking out the Greek mosaic: