And the work continues.  Here are some more pictures of the extensive work begun Monday at the Cathedral.  Here is my denuded office, cleared of everything except the books, which have been covered.

Here is a view of the auditorium with stuff piled everywhere – many thanks to the GOYAns and college kids who lugged everything around for several days.

This sad picture shows the food pantry minus all the food.  The good news, though, is that the Orthodox Food Pantry will continue to run every Saturday out of the same building, and when the project is done it will have its own space, complete with a refrigerator – one feature which it does not currently have.

This is an airlock for the rooms where asbestos was found.  Asbestos is only a danger when it is removal time, so the rooms were secured and the stuff was all vacuumed out.  Ray, the project director, calls suprises such as the finding of asbestos “ghosts” because they pop up unexpectedly.

Demolition of the old bathrooms and foyer area:

This last picture shows one of the rooms which will now be opened up for a full view of the park.