Abraham Lincoln was assassinated…in his own backyard.  In a field in Kentucky in May of 1786.  Did I trip you up?  Said Abraham Lincoln was the grandfather of the president.  Today’s topic is log cabins, and based on Fr. John’s photo there is an association with Orthodox monks in Alaska or other suitable places.  But to me the log cabin legend is forever associated with Lincoln and other presidents who lived in them, and seven were born in them.  The log cabin theme came into play as a way of emphasizing the humble roots of politicians and their connection with the frontier spirit.  Although it has been generations since we have seen a log cabin president, there always seems to be an attempt by candidates to downplay their upscale backgrounds when applicable.  The noblesse oblige sense that people like FDR had is long gone.  Why not own your backstory and use it to your advantage?

In any case, you can read the story of the elder Abraham Lincoln here.  Note that his wife’s name was Bathsheba.  Although I am of mostly Greek and Italian background, I did have an Anglo-Saxon great grandfather and have done the requisite genealogical research that is so easy to do for people of British descent but not at all for Mediterraneans.  It seems that in the 1700s and 1800s Old Testament names were all the rage.  At one point in my lineage there were three straight generations of the firstborn male having the obscure but classic OT name of Barzillai.