Fallout has begun from LeBron James’s decision to sign with Miami.  The Cleveland owner has come out with the gloves off and lambasted James in this article not even a day after “The Decision” was aired on ESPN.  My thoughts on all of this:

-I guess it is the competitor in me, but I am always disappointed when someone in basketball or hockey leaves a team to win a championship (Ray Bourque, Charles Barkley).  If you are a superstar, make it happen where you are.  In baseball or football it is different – one guy cannot have the same effect as in the other sports.

-Miami has already won a championship with Wade.  If, and nothing is guaranteed, they win another title, won’t LeBron be seen as second fiddle to some extent?

-Let’s keep in mind that as good as LeBron is, he has not won anything yet.  This whole decision thing has been narcissistic and ridiculous, as the owner points out in the article.   Did I follow and get swept up in it?  Of course!

-The owner makes many good points but he too played the game until the decision was announced.  No one is innocent in all of this.

-Will I be rooting for Cleveland, in addition to the Celts?  Absolutely.