My birthday comes near the end of February – the 27th, so it was on Monday – and very often when people find this out they say “oh, you were almost a leap year baby!”.  It is a natural reaction, I suppose, but I have to chuckle and tell people that I was born in a non-leap year so I was actually nowhere close.  Leap day is a strange thing, though.  Of my 2900 or so friends on Facebook only one has a birthday on February 29.  There happens to be one or two days of the year where no birthdays pop up, and most days have between five and fifteen so, considering that every three out of four years there is _not_ a Feb. 29 then the numbers seem to make sense.

So what about the church calendar – who, if anyone, is commemorated on February 29?  St. John Cassian, a great church father (as well as a rare saint who seems to have a first and last name like a modern person) is celebrated on leap day.  He is also the name sake of His Grace Vicar Bishop Ion Casian of the Romanian Archdiocese.  His Grace is a wonderful man whom I met last fall when he visited Fr. Peter’s parish in Southbridge.  So does the Bishop only celebrate his name day once every four years?  Well, the feast moves to Feb. 28 in common years (unlike a birthday, which I imagine would be celebrated March 1 in common years since that would be 365 days later).  So a belated la multi ani/chronia polla to His Grace.