I was on my way to GOYA last Tuesday and I saw a bumper sticker on the car in front of me.  It had a column on each side and a Latin phrase, one which I didn’t recognize (not that I know Latin) in the middle.  I tried repeating it to myself – I love looking up Latin phrases when I come across them – but luckily came to a red light behind the car, so I was able to write it down as a text and save it as a draft.  I suppose this violates the texting while driving law, even though I was not moving, but how is this any different from jotting it down on a piece of paper?  Anyways, I got to GOYA and we tried to crack the case.  Even though some of the kids take Latin and we had our advisor Lorelei, who speaks Romanian, we couldn’t figure it out.  I looked it up online.  Here is the Latin text from the bumper sticker:

Si hoc legere potes eruditissimus es sed parum distas

So – the meaning?  Basically, if you can read this you are well-educated and far too close!  Very clever indeed.