Demolition and renovation continue.  Here are some of the latest pictures from my trusty, out-of-date cell phone:

This view of the auditorium from where the stage used to be gives you an idea of the disruption – you can see stuff piled up on the ground as well as on the balcony, as well as the plastic draping where the work is being done:

This is the view from the Tonna Room into the foyer and auditorium.  The curtains are almost always closed (except at festival time) so most people don’t even remember that the walls are glass:

We demolished the pre-school classrooms and are converting part of the church basement into new classrooms.  Part of this is the replacement of the basement windows with new windows that actually close.  They slide open to the sides and seal nicely.  This picture is not what the final product will look like – there will be screens and a protective lattice that will feature Grecian Keys along the top: