Sarah came up to me today at Little Angels and said “This tzatziki has no yogurt in it!”.  She had a tub of the stuff made by Kronos, which is a popular brand among Greek-Americans and among the general population.  It doesn’t take much to make tzatziki – strain some yogurt, chop us some cucumber and dill and add garlic and you are pretty much all set.  This stuff not only had no yogurt but had an ingredient list a mile long with all kinds of bad stuff in it.  What a travesty!  For everyone eating this product out there, especially non-Greeks, please realize that this is not even close to the real thing and, I imagine, is not very good for you!  Some other major brands are also guilty of the artificial/bad stuff ploy as well.  I tried to take a picture of the ingredient list but it didn’t come out well on my cellphone camera and, not surprisingly, the company website does not list ingredients either.  The lessons here?  Whenever possible make your own stuff, and always, always read the label.  And many thanks to Sarah for the heads-up on this issue.