There is a scene in the movie Back To The Future where Dr. Brown (Christopher Lloyd’s character) asks Michael J. Fox’s Marty why he says “heavy” so much.  Marty uses it the way someone would say cool or wow or some other exclamation.  Dr. Brown answers his own question by concluding that in the future everything is contaminated by an A-Bomb detonation, hence “heavy”.  Our theme today for day 6 of the blogging exercise is glory.  The Hebrew word kabod (pronounced ka-VODH) is usually translated as glory, with a connotation of heaviness.  The triliteral root k-b-d means weight or heaviness in semitic languages.  The Arabic word kibid is the word for liver, for it was traditionally thought that the liver was the weightiest organ.

This idea of kabod as glory is rather different than what the English word glory brings to mind.  Glory makes me think of bright lights and fanfares.  Kabod, which appears often in the early chapters of Ezekiel, calls to mind a king carried by his servants on his imperial litter, with draperies and treasure spilling out of chests.  Read the first few chapters of Ezekiel and keep in mind this heavier, darker version of glory – it will change the way you see the story.