We have a very cool new thing at our church – an icon stand in the narthex that is the perfect height for young children to kiss and venerate an icon.  A month or so ago I was talking with Nick Kofos about us acquiring such an object.  Nick is in his own right a talented woodworker but he suggested I contact Steve Caragian to execute the project.  Steve readily agreed to take this on, and after taking measurements in the vestibule of our church he created the masterpiece you see below.  We have an enormous amount of young children at our church, and this stand is at the perfect height for them.  Its finish and size also blend in well with the surrounding icon and candle stands, and we managed to place it so that it doesn’t block access to the other icons.  Many thanks to Steve, who humbly suggested we dedicate it to his mother Eleni, which we will indeed do.  The “soft opening” will be this Saturday, and the “hard opening” will be Sunday when we announce the presence and background of this new stand.  Thanks also to Amy Polymeros, who has volunteered to donate an icon of Christ With The Children for the stand, as well as to Nick K. who helped come up with the concept and made this happen.

To my fellow clergy who may chance upon this post – please consider identifying a parishioner who can take such a project on.  I know many churches have an icon on the wall in the narthex for children to venerate, which is great, but it is important for them to have their own special stand like the adults have.  We always talk about children being the “future” of the church but in truth they are the present, and they deserve this amenity.