I can’t believe it has been so long since I blogged – my apologies.  Some thoughts on the week so far…

-Firstly, you may have read about the toppled sundial below.  The very next day, thanks to the diligence of Jim Economou and a generous plumber who was working at the church, the column was fixed and stronger than ever.  The plumber was working on the bathrooms at the church and took a few minutes to use his masonry drill and fix the sundial for us gratis.

-Tuesday night the choir sang a majestic version of the hymn of Cassiani, using the beautiful Loukia/Elpida arrangement.  This year I timed it – it was a tidy 11 minutes and 14 seconds.

– Wednesday we had our usual 3 services – presanctified liturgy in the morning and unction services in the afternoon and evening.  The afternoon one was filled with young children.  A reporter from a certain Greek-American paper was in attendance, so look for a story soon.

-Thursday morning is a big liturgy, and we start at 6:30 so people can come before work.  Most everyone leaves right after communion so that they can get to work on time.  This results in an interesting phenomenon – instead of people sitting in the middle of the church or towards the back, as is usually the case with first arrivals, everyone goes and sits right in the front.  I communed 140 people, including someone in an ambulance – an older fellow, he had fainted and was being taken to the hospital but wanted to receive first.  He was dehydrated and is now fine, thank God.  Note to older parishioners and those taking medication: be practical when it comes to fasting!  If you are older and not as strong as you once were you need some sustenance to make it through a church service – do not play games with your health.

I don’t want to be late for the Royal Hours service, so I am off.  More later…

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