As we wait and watch minute by minute to the ever changing circumstances of this developing crisis on the streets and neighborhoods of our cities, we pray to Almighty God for a peaceful and safe conclusion of this nightmare.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who have been personally traumatized by the events of the past several hours and days.  We pray for the healing of those injured and the eternal repose of those who have tragically lost their lives.  For all those who have witnessed with their eyes these tragedies, may the Lord bless, health, protect and strengthen you and your families.

During these days of prayer and fasting of the Great Lent, let us recommit ourselves to living a life of love through the Gospel, and spread the Light of Christ to all we come into contact with in order to dispel this darkness of evil.   Our Metropolis website is being updated with resources for parents to begin talking to our children about this crisis.  May the Lord keep you, your families and our children safe in His loving embrace.

With Archpastoral love,

Metropolitan Methodios