We are approaching mid-November and the garden is pretty much done for the year.  Except for some celery that is still going strong, the other fruits, vegetables and herbs have been harvested.  This doesn’t mean the work has ended – I have to get everything ready for winter – but the joys of picking stuff and just in general playing around in it have finished.  Today we had a final major gathering – I took in our fennel plant, and Prez and Vaia took out and collected the seeds.

You can read about fennel here and here.  The Greek word for fennel is marathos, so Marathon in Greece – the place where the epic battle took place and that gave its name to the road race – was named after the plentiful fennel found there.  Here is a picture of Prez and Vaia and then one of the final collection:

photo 1-3

photo 2-2