Yesterday was the annual Greek Independence Parade in Boston.  It is always in April in order to distance it from the St. Patrick’s Day parade – the city doesn’t want to shut streets down often – and so it is usually hit or miss with the weather.  This year we had a beautiful day, which resulted in a) us not freezing and b) a huge turnout both in the parade and on the sidelines.  The weather and turnout combined to give it a ‘best Greek parade yet’ feel.  Of course there was an enormous Cathedral presence.  We had two buses leave the church and another carrying people from Alexander the Great, so that makes three big buses from Worcester.  The Cathedral had our beautiful Parthenon float filled with Greek School students while many Cathedral peeps marched with the Cultural Center in the Pan-Macedonian section, and every step of the way we had Worcester people giving us shout-outs from the sidewalks.  The dancers from the Cultural Center performed several dances at the end of the parade as well.  Greek Boston put the pictures up last night. I have done the heavy lifting for you – if you want to see photos of our floats click here and here.