GOYA met last night for the first time this fall, and it was a good mix of fun and service.  It was also an adjustment – our big room will all of the couches is now about half the size it was and, well, the couches are history, since they were all falling apart.  Jim V. directed the group in moving stuff around on the stage and in the church hall, and they were rewarded for their hard work with food.  We then had elections.  Everyone seems excited for a fun and busy year.  Here are our new GOYA officers:

President – Maria Parafestas

VP – Georgia Varetas

Treasurer – Helena Kiritsy

Secretary – Kostas Karamanakis

Congratulations to them all.  Here are a few photos of construction – this is a view of what you would see if you came in the back entrance with the auditorium on the right and the the bathrooms and foyer ahead to the left:

And here is the preschool classroom all set up: