Day 33’s topic is about holiday beverages.  I was delighted to see this because I plan on making glogg – mulled wine – this year.  I have had it before but never heated it up with the fruits and spices myself.  I will be making it with port, but you can also use claret.

If you are a Beatles obsessive like myself, you have probably listened to their recordings every which way and with headphones so you can pick up things you might otherwise miss.  On side 4 of the White Album there is a strange sequence of tracks, even for the Beatles.  Cry Baby Cry ends, unresolved, in Em instead of the dominant G, there is a snippet of a Paul song that was recorded during session for I Will but was never released in full form, although now you can find it on YouTube.  Then there is some barely heard studio chatter and the musique concrete Revolution 9 begins.  The chatter always fascinated me – who was it?  What are they saying?  It turns out it is a brief conversation between Alistair Taylor and George Martin about…a bottle of claret.

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